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City Manager's Office

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to act as the chief executive officer of the City. The role of the City Manager is to direct departments, operations and activities. The City Manager administers staff, finances, and programs and is responsible to:

  • Review and oversee departmental operations and all personnel functions.
  • Recommend a balanced biennial budget.
  • Administer the adopted budget and capital improvement programs.
  • Act as liaison with citizens, businesses, community organizations and government agencies.
  • Coordinate intergovernmental relations.
  • Monitor state and federal legislation.
  • Coordinate compliance with national and state laws.
  • Conduct and coordinate policy research.

City Clerk's Division

The City Clerk's Division provides a variety of services that support the City Council, City Departments and the public. The City Clerk coordinates the production of meeting materials for City Council meetings, legal and public notifications, and official meeting minutes. The City Clerk processes claims for damage, provides notary services and handles requests for public records. The City Clerk serves as a liaison to King County concerning elections and voter registration.

Community Relations Division

The Community Relations Division includes city-wide communications and public outreach efforts.

Page last modified: January 3, 2011

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