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Capital Improvement Projects and Private Development

Public improvement and private development projects occur within the City of Woodinville . Public projects include those identified in the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) or those coordinated by another public agency. Public projects occur within public rights-of-way or on property owned by a government agency such as the City, County, State or a utility company. Private development occurs on private property in commercial or residential zones. Private and public development is inspected by the City to ensure compliance with codes and standards.

City Project Updates

•  Lake Leota Stormwater Overflow Project

•  Parks / Recreation / Open Space Plans

•  Road Construction and Repair

•  Sammamish River Bridge Replacement Project

•  Sammamish River Outfall Retrofit Project

•  Woodinville-Duvall Road Widening

Capital Projects for the City

Capital Improvement Plan: Investing in the City

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a list of priority projects showing the estimated costs and source of revenue and funding for selected projects over a six year period. With the development of the Biennial Budget, the City evaluates new and previously approved projects using criteria adopted by the City Council and incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Plan. Each project is scored for each evaluation criteria on a scale of one to three. The total score provides a way to objectively rank proposed projects. After evaluating projects against the criteria, the City estimates the revenue stream over the six-year period. Projects on the list are presented as the City's top priority projects for funding with anticipated six-year revenues.

When the CIP process begins, the City accepts comments on proposed projects for the Preliminary CIP. The City Council adopts the final CIP by July 1st of each year as required by the State Growth Management Act (GMA).

The CIP process provides several opportunities for citizens to propose new projects and/or comment on proposed projects. The CIP is presented to the Planning Commission and City Council. In addition, the City hosts an annual CIP Open House typically held in May. To get involved, contact the Public Works Department at 425.489.2700.

Woodinville's List of Capital Projects is available each year for public comment.  The City invites comments, additions, and deletions.  This is your chance to provide comment on projects that will affect you and your neighborhood.  Please submit your comments to Rick Roberts, Public Works Director, by phone 425.877.2294 or email at

Capital Improvement Plan adopted by the City

Draft Downtown Streetscape Master Plan and Wayfinding/Gateway Sign Plan

The Downtown Streetscape Master Plan will implement new design standards to compliment new development regulations passed by the City Council in late 2010.  The Plan identifies different street types and accompanying amenities in downtown Woodinville, like benches, street lights, and landscaping, to create visual appeal and provide for vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian circulation appropriate to downtown development.  When development occurs, the plan would help transform downtown Woodinville into a walkable place with a unique look and feel.

The Wayfinding Sign Plan will establish a consistent Woodinville identity by using a family of different signs at major entryways to the city and throughout the city to guide visitors and residents to Woodinville's various "districts", such as downtown and the Hollywood district.

Streetscape Master Plan

For questions or comments about either of the plans, please contact Rick Roberts, Public Works Director, at 425.877.2294, or

Private Development in the City

The Development Services and Public Works departments work with private developers in plan review, code and environmental compliance, and construction inspection.

Page last modified: November 22, 2016

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