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The City of Woodinville responds to Requests for Access to Public Records in accordance with the Public Records Act (PRA) RCW 42.56 and Woodinville City Council Ordinance 652, Adopting Public Records Act Rules.

To make a request, complete and submit the Request for Public Records form.

For assistance or to submit the form, contact:

Public Records Officer
Katie Hanke
17301 133rd Avenue NE
Telephone: 425.877.2262
Fax: 425.489.2705

You may also deliver the form in person to Woodinville City Hall at the address above.

Public Records requests must include:

  • Name and address and contact information for requestor.
  • Description of public records adequate to locate the records.
  • Date of request.

NOTE: Many public records are currently available on this web site at no cost. Examples include maps, standards and guidelines, comprehensive plan, critical areas and shoreline updates, budget, City Council, Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission meetings (current and past), ordinances, resolutions, press releases, and other reports.

The Public Records Officer makes records available for inspection and copying by appointment during normal business hours, excluding legal holidays. Requestors will not remove documents from the viewing area or disassemble or alter any document.

The requestor indicates which documents he or she wishes the City to copy.

Cost for Public Records

There is no fee for inspecting public records.

  • Black & white copies: $.15 per page
  • Mailing: Actual cost of postage and shipping container
  • Other media: Actual cost of reproduction

Payments may be cash, check, or money order payable to “City of Woodinville .”

For large requests, the City may:

  • Require a deposit of ten percent of estimated cost before making copies .
  • Provide copies in installments.
  • Require advance payment before providing further installments.

Response to Records Requests

Within five business days of receipt of the request, the Public Records Officer or designee will do one of the following:

  • Make the records available for inspection or copying.
  • Send copies to requestor if payment has been received.
  • Provide a reasonable estimate when records will be available.
  • Contact requestor to request clarification.
  • Deny the request citing reason for denial.

If a requestor does not receive a response within five days, contact the Public Records Officer to determine the reason.

Role of Public Records Officer

  • Oversee compliance with the Public Records Act
  • Provide the “fullest assistance” to requestors
  • Coordinate with departments and offices response to requests
  • Provide timely & efficient action on requests
  • Fulfill requests without excessive interference with city business
  • Protect public records from damage or disorganization

Some Records Exempt from Disclosure

All local government records are available for review by the public, unless they are specifically exempted or prohibited from disclosure by State statutes. The Public Records Act lists the types of documents that are exempt from public inspection and copying. A listing of the primary exemptions can be found at RCW 42.56.230 through RCW 42.56.480. Numerous other exemptions and disclosure prohibitions are found throughout the state statutes. The Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington publication entitled Public Records Act for Washington Cities and Counties and Special Purpose Districts lists the public disclosure statutes that are located in chapters other than Chapter 42.56 RCW.

City of Woodinville will NOT disclose lists of individuals for commercial purposes.

If only a portion of a record is exempt from disclosure, the Public Records Officer or designee will redact the exempt portions before providing the document.

Records Index

There is no single index of City records. Woodinville City government is comprised of numerous departments, their divisions and subdivisions. Many maintain separate databases and/or systems for the indexing of records. The Public Records Officer coordinates with departments to assure compliance with the Public Records Act.

Special Considerations

If a requestor has not reviewed or claimed records within thirty days of notice that records are available or fails to make payment, the Public Records Officer may close the request.

If requested records contain information that may affect rights of others, the Public Records Officer or designee may give notice and allow time for action by the other parties before providing the records.

After a request has been filled, the Public Records Officer may become aware of additional documents existing at the time of the request. These will be provided to the requestor on an expedited basis.

Requesting Review of Denials

If a person is denied an opportunity to inspect and copy a public record held by a local government, he or she may bring a motion in the superior court of the county where the record is maintained to require the local agency to explain, or show cause, why it has denied inspection. The local agency has the burden of proving that the denial is in accordance with a statute which either exempts or prohibits disclosure in whole or in part per RCW 42.56.


Page last modified: September 4, 2018

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