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dotted line Recycling for Businesses

Using Recycled Material - King County's LinkUp Program

King County's LinkUp:  King   County 's Solid Waste Division works with businesses to increase the use of recycled materials.  Through a program called LinkUp, it provides free, easy-to-access technical and marketing assistance to selected Puget Sound area businesses that process recyclable materials or use them to manufacture recycled-content products.

"Recycle More. It's Easy to Do."

King County's Workplace Recycling

Recycling & Reuse Options for other Business Materials:

The King County Business Recycling and Reuse Database lists sources for recycling and donations of used materials (for example: vendors who accept scrap metal, wood pallets, cellular phones, etc. for reuse or recycling).

King County's Take It Back Network provides a list of local electronics repair and resale shops, recyclers and nonprofit groups that recycle or reuse electronic equipment.

The Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) is a King County service designed to match businesses that produce wastes, industrial by-products, or surplus materials with businesses that need them. 

Construction Recycling/Green Building is a King County program designed to assure that job-site material is recycled to the greatest extent possible and to provide assistance with green building practices.

Page last modified: June 25, 2012

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