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Brightwater 24-Hour Odor Control Telephone Hotline: 206.263.9500

UPDATE 4/20/07 : City Council holds special meeting to discuss filing an appeal of regulatory permits related to the Brightwater facility. UPDATE 8/28/06: Editorial by Mayor Cathy VonWald
UPDATE 8/10/06: News Release, Woodinville Invokes Brightwater Mediation Clause
UPDATE 8/4/06: Editorial by Dr. Yeats
UPDPATE 7/21/06: News Release, City Disputes Brightwater Seismic Findings
UPDATE 5/23/06: News Release, Council Authorizes Binding Site Plan Appeal
UPDATE 5/5/06 : News Release, Brightwater Project Update Main Topic at May 15, City Council Meeting

Snohomish County Special Hearing Examiner Decision RE: Binding Site Plan (issued 5/5/06)

8/4/06: Letter to KC Executive Ron Sims RE: Notification of Dispute Pursuant to Mitigation MOA

4/25/06: Letter to Snohomish County Executive RE: Noticing of County Public Hearings

4/5/06: City comments on Binding Site Plan

3/27/06: Response Letter from King County RE: Seismic Testing

3/7/06: City Letter to Washington State Department of Ecology RE: Seismic Testing (same letter sent to King County)

12/5/2005: Staff Report to the City Council RE: Interlocal Agreement Regarding Mitigation

Executive Summary, Economic & Fiscal Impacts Report, Huckle/Weinman Associates, January, 2003
Economic & Fiscal Impacts Report, Huckle/Weinman Associates, January, 2003
DEIS Comment letter dated January 21, 2003
City Council "Letter To the Editor" published January 21, 2003

Final Supplemental EIS issued 7/15/2005
The final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement includes comments received about the Final EIS .

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) Issued 4/11/05 for Potential Seismic Impacts

In November 2003, King County issued a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed Brightwater Regional Wastewater Treatment System. Since that time, new information about the Southern Whidbey Island Fault has become available.

A draft Supplement to the Brightwater EIS, issued on April 11, 2005, describes the new information and its relationship to the Brightwater Treatment Plant site and evaluates the significant adverse environmental impacts that could result if an earthquake were to occur on the SWIF and damage treatment plant facilities.

City staff from the Executive, Community Development, Building, Parks & Recreation and Public Works departments are reviewing the recently released draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment facility. The SEIS addresses the potential impacts from an earthquake that could result if seismic activity occurs along a geologic fault near the Route 9 site. The draft SEIS is based on new research on regional seismic activities. The City is contracting with DMJM+Harris for technical assistance with the review. King County seeks public comment on the SEIS via written comments due May 11, 2005. To comment, go to King County's website .


In 1999, in response to increased growth in our region, King County began a siting process for a proposed new regional wastewater treatment plant, called Brightwater. The proposed plant would serve residents of north King and south Snohomish Counties. Through a siting process, King County has narrowed its site selection to two locations: (1) the vacant Unocal tank farm site in Edmonds and (2) State Route 9 in Snohomish County.
The new facilities will include a treatment plant, conveyance (pipes and pumps that take the wastewater to and from the plant), and a marine outfall. The treatment plant at either the Unocal or Route 9 location would include:
      . secondary level wastewater treatment
      . biosolids production
      . advanced treatment of a portion of the flows for water reuse
      . odor control systems
      . facilities designed to be architecturally compatible with the surrounding neighborhood

In August 2002, King County Executive Ron Sims announced the SR 9 site as the "preferred alternative. This site includes the preferred conveyance route as deep tunneling for conveyance pipes down a combination of 195th Street and 205th Street with a deep water marine outfall at Point Wells (unincorporated King County in the Shoreline area).

In November 2002, a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was issued allowing for comment by "consulting agencies." The DEIS addresses probable significant adverse environmental impacts of the Edmonds and Snohomish County plant options and conveyance routes. DEIS comments were due to the County on January 21, 2003. A Final EIS is expected in late 2003.

City of Woodinville's Response
The proposed SR 9 site is located in Snohomish County, north of the City limits. However the area is located with the City's potential annexation area (PAA). The City will be directly impacted if the SR 9 site is selected.

In April 2003, the Woodinville City Council adopted Resolution No. 250 - a policy statement that clarifies the City's concern that the proposed Brightwater facility, if not designed properly, could adversely impact Woodinville. The Resolution seeks King County's commitment to prove through technical analysis to "independent experts of the City's choosing" that all significant adverse environmental impacts to Woodinville's air, water and ground water quality will be mitigated. The Resolution further seeks King County's promise to take immediate remedial action should any inappropriate off-site odors occur and make good on the promise with a $20 million bond.

Since 1999, the City has been involved with King County on the selection process for this facility. The City continues to be engaged in the EIS process and is working with King County to be recognized as a partner.

King County Outreach
For detailed information on the Brightwater Treatment System, visit the King County Metro website .

Siting Committee and Advisory Committee representation
Woodinville's City Manager was an active member for the Brightwater siting process and served on the Siting Committee. Once the Unocal and SR 9 site were selected, the committee formed as the Advisory Committee.

City Council Public Hearings
Although the SR 9 site does not lie within Woodinville City limits, the impacts of having the treatment facility close by are inevitable. In an effort to gauge public concern, the City Council has hosted several public hearings. Some meetings have been dedicated to topical issues, such as odor control. The Council will continue to dedicate public meeting time to receive public input regarding Brightwater.

Economic and Fiscal Analysis of SR 9 Site
To keep the City's best interests in mind should the site be constructed at the SR 9 site, an economic and fiscal analysis was commissioned by the City Council.

DEIS Comment Letter
The City's DEIS comment letter advises King County that Woodinville is the most affected area. The letter identifies deficiencies particularly in the areas of jurisdictional coordination and planning, regulatory consistency and environmental impacts to Woodinville should the plant be constructed on SR 9.

There is no requirement for King County to accept any or all of the City's comments, but the City can challenge the sufficiency of the Final EIS if it feels appropriate concerns are not address.

King County
King County Brightwater Home Page
Phone: 206.684.6799 or toll free at 1-888-707-8571

Snohomish County
Snohomish County
Phone: 425.388.3460


Brightwater Archived Documents

Page last modified: March 27, 2018

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