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In 2001 when King County stopped maintenance and operations of the Forward Thrust Pools constructed in the 1970s, many communities took emergency measures to ensure that aquatic services continued. In 2002, the City of Woodinville closed the Sorenson Pool due to mechanical failures and adopted a plan of action for meeting local pool needs. The plan called for Woodinville to be a participant in a regional planning effort to determine the fate of the Forward Thrust Pools. The City is a participant in funding a comprehensive aquatics study and provides a portion of the annual subsidy of the Northshore Pool.

Northshore Aquatics Study 2004

The Parks & Recreation Service Area (PRSA) coordinated the 2004 Northshore Aquatics Study to:

  • Evaluate the condition of the three existing public pools in the PRSA boundary (Northshore Pool, St. Edward State Park , and Sorenson), and compile a report.
  • Develop criteria to evaluate possible sites, including existing sites for a new or renovated aquatics facility.
  • Analyze site options, and make recommendations
  • Propose a minimum of two project concepts, including 2 conceptual site plan diagrams, that meets the diverse needs of the PRSA residents.
  • Hold public meetings, focus groups and implement a survey to determine public reaction and preference for options/sites.
  • Consider public comments and analysis, develop a project concept, including site plan, floor plan, capital cost estimate, operations estimate, governance options and funding/financing options.

The Northshore Aquatics Study was completed in 2004 and concluded that a regional multi-faceted aquatics center would meet the needs of the Northshore area in a cost effective, comprehensive manner and that a regional funding plan involving a public vote, led by a regionally represented entity such as the Northshore Parks and Recreation Service Area (PRSA), would be the appropriate implementation strategy.  

Northshore Aquatics Study 2008

An additional study was done in 2008. Read about it on the Kenmore web site:

2008 Northshore PRSA Aquatic Study

Funding for the Northshore Pool

The Northshore School District and the cities of Bothell and Woodinville have made a commitment of a total of $100,000 annually for an operating subsidy to keep the Northshore Pool open. In 2006, these agencies committed to an additional three year $100,000 annual subsidy.

About the Northshore Park & Recreation Service Area

The Northshore Park and Recreation Service Area (PRSA)is a special taxing district with the same boundaries as the Northshore School District located in the Seattle-Everett metropolitan area north and east of Lake Washington and encompassing the cities of Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville. The PRSA was formed in 1988 when the voters within the Northshore School District voted to form the PRSA and authorize bonds with more than 60% voter approval.

The PRSA is governed by a 5-member Board comprised of one representative from each of the three cities located within the PRSA boundaries (Bothell, Kenmore, and Woodinville) and one County Councilmember representing the unincorporated areas of each county, King and Snohomish, located within the PRSA boundaries.

City Contact: Kellye Mazzoli, 425.877.2266


Northshore Aquatics Study Archived Documents


Page last modified: April 6, 2017

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