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Below are the City's permit applications, forms, and information. You should contact a Permit Technician to ensure you have the right forms and that you have all the information you need to proceed with your application. If you haven't scheduled a pre-application meeting, we suggest you do so.

Over-the-counter mechanical, plumbing and single-family re-roof permits are available online through

Is your project within the Woodinville city limits?

Please review the Master Submittal Checklists below. The "Electronic set of all plans and reports" is the last row of each table. Where a "1" is listed for this requirement, a CD or flash drive, including the electronic set of plans, must be submitted for a complete application.

View Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements.

General Information, Documents, and Forms Development Guides
•  Fee Schedule - for fees paid after after 01/01/2015 •  Short Plats / Short Subdivisions
  •  Signs
•  Assignment of Funds Form  
•  Building Plan Standard Requirements  
•  Civil Plan Standard Requirements  
•  Contractor License Requirements  
•  Energy Code Compliance Forms - Non-Residential  
•  Energy Code Compliance Forms - Residential  
•  Owner Authorization Form  
•  Permit Extension Request Form  
•  School Walk Safety Assessment  
•  Site Plan Standard Requirements  
•  Surety Bond Form  
Decisions and Appeals  
•  Appeal Form  
•  Building Official Decision Request  
•  Public Works / Fire Standards Deviation Request  
Submittal Checklist  
•  Master Submittal Checklist - Contruction Permits  
•  Master Submittal Checklist - Land Use Permits  
Construction Permit Applications  
•  Alarm Registration  
•  Building/Mechanical/Plumbing Permit Application with Submittal Checklist  
•  Demolition Permit Application  
•  Grading Calculations form  
•  Right-of-Way Permit Application - Construction  
•  Right-of-Way Use Authorization  
•  Right-of-Way Permit Application - Mailbox  
•  Sign Permit Application - Memorial Sign  
•  Sign Permit Application - Permanent Sign
•  Sign Permit Application - Temporary Sign
•  Site Development Permit Application  
•  Site Improvement Quantity Worksheet  
•  Tree Removal Application  
•  Pre-Application Registration Form and Checklist  
Drawing of Record Requirements  
•  Drawing of Record Requirement Checklist  
•  Drawing of Record Submittal Checklist  
•  WIDSS Section 1-2.3 Drawing of Record  
•  WIDSS Section 1-2.4 Electronic Data  
•  ACAD2007_COW_AB_BLOCK (AutoCAD 2007 file format)  
•  ACAD2010_COW_AB_BLOCK (AutoCAD 2010 file format)  
Fire Permit Applications  
•  Aboveground Tank Application  
•  Aboveground Flammable or Combustible Liquid Tank Installation Instructions
•  Aboveground Storage Tank Removal Instructions  
•  Fire Alarm Application  
•  Fire Alarm System Instructions  
•  Fire Sprinkler Application  
•  Fire Sprinkler System Instructions  
•  Fire Sprinkler System Replacement of Recalled Heads ONLY Instructions
•  Fire Suppression System Instructions: Dry or Wet Chemical
•  Fireworks: Public Display Application  
•  Fireworks: Public Display Instructions  
•  High-piled Combustible Storage Warehouse Application  
•  High-piled Combustible Storage Warehouse Instructions  
•  LPG Tank and/or System Installation Application  
•  LPG Tank and/or System Installation Instructions  
•  Modification Permit for Dispensers/Piping Application  
•  Modification Permit for Dispensers/Piping Instructions  
•  Operational Fire Permit Application  
•  Public Assembly Application  
•  Public Assembly Instructions  
•  Tents and Canopies, Outdoor Carnivals and Fairs Application
•  Tents and Canopies, Outdoor Carnivals and Fairs Instructions
•  Underground Fire Sprinkler System Instructions  
•  Underground Flammable/Combustible Liquid Tank Installation Application
•  Underground Flammable/Combustible Liquid Tank Installation Instructions
•  Underground Residential Tank Removal Application  
•  Underground Residential Tank Removal Instructions  
•  Underground Storage Tank Removal Instructions  
Fire Forms  
•  Confidence Test Fire Alarm  
•  Confidence Test Rangehood  
•  Confidence Test Standpipe  
•  Confidence Test Wet or Dry Sprinkler  
Land Use Permit Applications  
•  Design Review Principles and Standards Checklist  
•  Home Ocupation/Home Industry Supplemental Information to Business License  
•  Master Land Use Application & Submittal Checklist  
•  State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist (Word)  
Special Events  
•  Special Event Permit Application  

Page last modified: October 6, 2015

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