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dotted line City Parks and Open Space

All of the City's parks are available for public use. For events over 30 people, a Special Event Permit is required.

View Rules and Regulations for park use.

picture DeYoung Park
DeYoung Park is in the heart of downtown. Named after the DeYoung family, this park provides a tree-shaded spot for lunch and features unique artwork.

13680 NE 175th St

picture Rotary Community Park
Rotary Community Park provides a unique combination of active and passive recreation uses including a Skate/BMX park, playground, climbing boulder, art wall, trail and boardwalk system, and picnic area.

NE 195th St and 136th Ave NE

- American Trails Magazine

picture Wilmot Gateway Park
Woodinville's first community park offers a playground, open play area, public art and connects to the Sammamish River Trail along the Sammamish River.

17301 131st Ave NE

picture Woodin Creek Park
Upon incorporation, Woodin Creek Park was transferred from King County to the City. The park is located south of Wilmot Gateway Park and offers a picnic shelter, half-court basketball court, public art and also connects to the Sammamish River Trail.
  13301 NE 171st St
  Neighborhood Parks

Neighborhood parks are small parks with limited facilites located in residential areas.





Greenbrier Park
A small open grass play area.

.50 Acres


18746 144th Ave NE

picture Little Bear Creek Linear Park (undeveloped)
Future planned development of a linear trail system along the length of the Little Bear Creek.
  17704 134th Ave NE

Quail Ridge Park
Undeveloped park land. .35 Acres


NE 171st Place & 125th Place NE


picture Stonehill Meadows Park
A small play area with a play structure. .12 Acres
  132nd Place
picture Tanglin Ridge Park
A small play area with a play structure. .15 Acres
  185th Street & 151st Ave. NE
picture Woodin Glen Park
Undeveloped park land donated by the Conner family at NE 190th Place. .95 Acres
  NE 190th Place
picture Woodinville Heights Park
Playround (toddler size), natural soft trail, small lawn area. Woodinville's first neighborhood park. .57 Acres
  18100 146th Avenue NE
  More Parks Features    

Public Arts Program
Thanks to the efforts of the City's Public Arts Advisory Committee, many public art pieces are on permanent and temporary display at City Hall and in city parks.

The City's public art program involves purchasing permanent art, accepting art donations and showcasing local talent through the Artist of the Month program. Take a walk through our downtown parks and enjoy sculptures. Visit City Hall and the Carol Edwards Center to view donated art and rotating monthly displays.


The Woodinville Art Walk provides an online guide of sculptures, statues and fine art.


To report a park maintenance issue, contact Brian Meyer, Parks Department, 425-424-0682.

For information about park and open space development, contact Rick Roberts, Public Works Director, 425.877.2294.




Page last modified: May 5, 2017

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