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picture Doing Business in Woodinville
Join over 800 registered businesses in the City. Download the registration form and have quick access to other business agencies that can help you be a successful business.
picture Economic Development
Learn what makes Woodinville's economy viable, stable and diversified.
picture Jobs
Join the City team. Check out current full-time, part-time and seasonal positions. We only accept applications for open positions.
picture Master Plans
What's a community vision for Woodinville without goals and objectives to achieve the vision? Check out land use, parks and open space and environmental protection master plans.
picture Permits & Applications
Whether you are purchasing or building a home, or constructing or remodeling a commercial structure, find permit requirements and application forms.
picture Request for Proposals
The City often seeks qualified professionals to submit proposals for a city planning process, construction project or design project. Check out current requests for proposal and find information about the City's Small Works Roster.
picture Standards & Guidelines
The City has adopted standards that help guide proposed development in the City. View a listing of transportation and commercial, industrial and multifamily design guidelines.
picture Volunteer Opportunities
Donate your time and talent to make Woodinville better.
picture Zoning Code
Zoning is a term for developing and implementing land use regulations. Zoning regulations impose conditions on certain types of land use activities including permit requirements, and design standards.

Page last modified: December 30, 2014

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