Economic Development Plan

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2022-2032 City of Woodinville Economic Development Plan

The City's Economic Development Plan is a ten-year roadmap the City of Woodinville will use to focus its efforts to strengthen economic well-being and quality of life in Woodinville.

The work outlined in this Plan builds upon a summary of sociodemographic trends, market analysis, local business survey, business and economic stakeholder interviews, and working sessions with Woodinville City Council. These efforts are summarized in the Community Baseline Assessment in Appendix 1. This Economic Development Plan is designed to work in concert with the City’s five-year Strategic Plan. The strategic planning effort established a vision for economic health in Woodinville, and these vision statements are the grounding principles that should continually be referenced as this Plan is carried into the future:

  • Woodinville embraces its retail and tourism industries.
  • There is a range of small office, service sector businesses.
  • Local businesses can find affordable commercial space in the city.
  • The City can attract jobs that match resident occupations.
  • Land use designations support the needs of industry and commerce.

This Plan will act as a guide for biennial budget allocations and City Council decision-making when unanticipated opportunities arise. It is a flexible tool intended to clarify the vision of the Council and serve as a roadmap to achieving those goals, rather than a rigid list of instructions. Monitoring indicators are included as an annual checkpoint on the City’s economic health, and an implementation table adds detail on considerations for realizing the various objectives. This roadmap builds upon the strong work and positive leadership currently underway at the City of Woodinville.

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