Information Services (IS)

The Information Systems (IS) Division works with stakeholders to ensure compliance and alignment of IS operations to support the City's business initiatives and strategic vision. This allows the City to achieve maximum efficiency, deliver self-serve services, run agile and lean operations, have competitive advantage, and operate on secure technology environment.

Furthermore, the IS Division enhances and supports the following core functions.

Essential Core Functions

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Works with stakeholders to improve and further develop the City-wide GIS program, map templates and data content. Researches and develops GIS spatial databases, data assets, maps, works with various teams to collect, and input data and analyze output. View the map and data catalog.

Information Technology (IT) & Cyber Security

Works with stakeholders and vendors to procure, maintain, and support:

  • Scalable and agile IT infrastructure, including servers, end point devices, peripherals, fiber networks (LAN and WAN)
  • Cloud computing
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Secure access
  • Protection of personally identifiable information (PII)

Service Desk

Maintains centralized service desk to support City wide technologies and services.


Works with stakeholders and vendors to scale and maintain an effective system of communication and further enhances an organization-wide telephone system, end point mobile devices, mobile apps, mobile security, and Wi-Fi networks.

Enterprise Applications

Works with stakeholders and project teams to evaluate, procure, and maintain enterprise applications such as:

  • Asset management
  • Finance
  • GIS
  • GPS and location-based services
  • Internal work requests
  • Mobile applications
  • Permitting
  • Public 311 requests
  • Virtual meetings and collaboration
  • Website services and applications

Multimedia Operations

Supports City's public image by maintaining, enhancing, and investing in broadcasting technology and solutions to support cable TV WTV21 and internet streaming services to cast City business meetings and events.