Counter Service

Services at City Hall

The City of Woodinville provides the following in-person services.


Individuals needing fingerprinting services must schedule an appointment with the Police Department. To learn more, visit the Fingerprinting page.

Concealed Pistol License (CPL) & Renewal

Woodinville provides CPL services to Woodinville residents only. This service is by appointment only. To learn more, visit the Concealed Pistol Permit page.

Passport Service

Individuals can have their passport applications processed through the Police Department located at City Hall by appointment only. To learn more, visit the Passports page.

Notary Service

The City provides Notary services by appointment. The fee is $10. Call the 425-489-2700 to schedule an appointment.

Pet Licensing

All dog and cat owners living within City limits must license their pets. To learn more, visit the Pet License page.

Fee Processing

Fees assessed for development-related activity, special events, sports field rentals, and more can be paid in-person over the counter. The credit service provider assesses a convenience fee of 3% with a $2.00 minimum per transaction. To learn more, visit the Development Services Fees page.

Other Services

Battery & Bulb Recycle

You may bring in your household light bulbs and batteries to be recycled. The recycle receptacles are in the City Hall lobby. Space is limited, so large quantities may be refused. To learn more, visit the Public Works Department's Battery and Bulb Recycling page.

Medicine Return

To help citizens dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs, the City maintains a prescription drug drop box. The drop box is located on the first floor of City Hall across the from the Police Services counter.