The City prepares a two-year budget starting on every odd year. The current budget is for 2021 to 2022. Our fiscal years are on calendar years.

Every two years, the City of Woodinville prepares its Biennial Budget. The Biennial Budget is a road map for anticipated future revenue and planned expenditures, allocating resources and reflecting the City Council's priorities and policies for the upcoming biennium. The budget is also an evaluation tool, comparing commitments made in the previous year's budget with actual accomplishments.

2021 to 2022 Biennial Budget

The 2021 to 2022 Biennial Budget (PDF) was adopted by City Council on December 8, 2020. Prior to its adoption, the Woodinville City Council deliberated the preliminary budget as presented by the City Manager and held several public hearings.

Expert Tip

At the beginning of every City of Woodinville budget is a Letter from the City Manager and Budget Overview section summarizing the key comments of the budget document. In only 10 or 15 pages you can get a clear understanding of the two-year budget.

For questions about the budget, email Blaine Fritts, Finance Director.

How to Participate in the Budget Process

The City is always interested in public input on the budget. Some of the ways in which the budget is influenced is:

  • Responding to the Woodinville Community Survey
  • Providing suggestions for Capital Improvement Projects
  • Providing testimony at public hearings
  • Reaching out to your City Councilmembers and City Staff