Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) (PDF) is a list of priority infrastructure projects, showing the estimated costs, sources of revenue, and funding for selected projects over a six-year period. Developed and funded in conjunction with the City's budget, the City objectively evaluates each new and previously approved projects using a set of related to project cost, feasibility, and public benefit criteria . The CIP is adopted by the City Council and incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Plan as required by State law.

Projects on the list are presented as the City's top priority projects that can be funded with anticipated six-year revenues. The CIP process involves several opportunities for citizens to propose new projects and/or comment on proposed projects. In addition to submitting comments online, citizens can comment on the CIP when presented to the Planning Commission and City Council.

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How to Make a Capital Request

First, you can see if your project is already on the list by reviewing the current Capital Improvement Plan (PDF).

If it is not listed, fill out the Capital Request Form to make a request. In your request, please be as descriptive as possible. Include information such as the name of the building or the streets and location of the desired improvement. Your feedback allows us to better serve you.

The only required information on the idea submission form is the project location and project description.  The other optional information allows us to contact you should we have a question.

Capital Project Idea Submission Form

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  3. Where is the project located? Provide an address or name of the location.

  4. What would you like to see built, improved, purchased, or fixed?

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