Procurement & Contracting

The City's Finance Division procures products and services necessary for the City's operation. The Procurement and Contracts Manager manages the competitive process for the contracting for many products, services, construction, and professional services, as well as other agreements.

Contracting / Bidding with the City

Woodinville and six other Washington State agencies have partnered to use the Shared Procurement Portal to solicit for suppliers, contractors, and consultants. The system that manages the City's different rosters and solicitations is called Public Purchase. Public Purchase allows the City to post bids electronically and allows electronically sealed bids.


Registration is easy and free!

Companies that want to receive automatic notifications of posted projects, are invited to register in the Public Purchase System on the appropriate roster(s) through the system.

Note: Avoid losing out on a bid opportunity! Make sure to specify the specific NIGP classification codes relevant to your business.

The City also posts many Public Works Capital Improvement Project solicitations over $350,000 on Builder's Exchange of Washington.

What Gets Posted on Public Purchase

Public Works

Public Works projects include all work, construction, alteration, repair or improvement other than ordinary maintenance, executed at the cost of the City. These types of project solicitations are called Invitation to Bid (ITB).

For all Public Works projects up to $350,000, the City will utilize its Small Works Roster in Public Purchase to solicit electronic sealed bids. Projects that fall above $350,000 may also be posted on Public Purchase.


The City contracts for various types of services such as purchased services (herbicide application service, janitorial, vehicle repairs, etc.) and personal services (public outreach coordination, strategic planning development, etc.). These projects are usually solicited as a Request for Proposal (RFP). Architectural and engineering services (architectural blueprints, road design, landscape design, etc.) are posted as a Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

Materials, Supplies & Equipment

Purchases of materials, supplies and equipment costing $15,000 or less do not require a formal competitive bid or public notice. Price quotations for such purchases are typically solicited either through the City's roster system in Public Purchase or via email.

Interlocal Agreements & Purchasing Cooperatives

If appropriate and allowed by law, the City is authorized to take cooperative action including joint purchases by different government agencies. The City may make purchases using another government agency's purchasing contract, a process known as "piggybacking."

What Gets Posted on Builder's Exchange

Public Works Capital Improvement projects over $350,000 are typically publicized via Builder's Exchange. Some examples of typical projects would include street overlays, intersection improvements, sidewalk improvements, culvert replacement, etc.

Advertising / Publication Policy

In addition to posting solicitation information on this website, the City will advertise larger projects in the Legal Notice section of its Official newspaper which currently is The Seattle Times.

Questions / Contact

If there are any questions, please email Chista Kouretchian, Procurement and Contracts Manager, or call Chista at 425-877-2288.