Utility Tax

This is a tax on gross receipts for specific utility services within City limits. There are 37 cities in King County and the City of Woodinville ranks in the top 5 lowest utility tax rates (top 7 for garbage collection).

Electric Light & Power & Natural or Manufactured Gas & Service

The rate is an amount equal to 2% of the total gross income.

Telephone Business & Garbage Collection

The rate is an amount equal to 4% of the total gross income.

Taxes Not Imposed

The City does not impose any additional business and occupation tax on any service, nor does it have a non-company specific/generic Cable Franchise fee.

Tax Returns

The tax remittance is due in monthly installments with a Utility Tax Return form by the end of the following month. Annual returns are allowed whenever the total utility tax does not exceed $15 for any monthly period.

Utility Tax Return form PDF

License Required

An annual Utility Business License is required for any business subject to this tax. This is in addition to the General Business License required for any business operating within the City. Complete the Utility Business License application and return it with a $20 licensing fee to the City.

More Information

For more on details and exemptions on Utility Tax, see Woodinville Municipal Code 3.33.