Pre-Application Meetings

The Pre-application meeting is an opportunity for a development applicant and City staff to discuss a proposed project. An engineer or architect may accompany the applicant to gain an understanding of environment, land use, and permit requirements and processes. Representatives from Development Services, Fire Marshal's Office, and Public Works departments attend pre-application meetings. At times, a City consultant may attend.

Potential applicants are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting. This optional step is intended to assist the application in submitting a complete application. The applicant should provide a draft site plan, grading plan, storm drainage plan, and building elevations, if developed. The applicant is advised of fatal flaws, major code requirements, and necessary permits for the project.

Pre-application meetings are held in-person at Woodinville City Hall or virtually on Wednesdays at 9 and 10 am.

Request a Pre-Application Meeting

Pre-Application Meetings are scheduled by the Development Services Department at 425-489-2754.

View the Technical Review Committee Pre-Application Meeting Request Form (PDF).

Note: Pre-application meetings are also held to review Special Event Permit Applications. Contact the City to determine if your special event requires a City permit.