Comprehensive Plan

Woodinville's first Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1996 and set development and growth guidelines in and around Woodinville for a 20-year period. Through yearly updates (Annual Docket), the Plan provides direction for the physical development of Woodinville and serves as a guideline for designating land uses, developing infrastructure, establishing community services, and implementing regulations. The City often adopts Master Plans to support the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.

View the Current 2015 Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

Citizen Input

Citizen input into the charter Plan reflected the community's values to:

  • Preserve Woodinville's unique Northwest woodland character
  • Retain a viable, vital commercial downtown
  • Encourage small, locally-owned stores
  • Create a pedestrian-friendly downtown
  • Encourage desirable streetscape and commercial development in the downtown
  • Promote historical architecture in new commercial development
  • Promote and develop all types of recreational opportunities for youth


Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan Map or, in certain circumstances, Zoning Code are processed through the Annual Docket. Annual Docket items may be proposed by private development or public agencies (including the City). Proposals are due by September 30th each year and formally considered by the Planning Commission. The Commission then forwards its recommendations to the City Council.