Transportation Plans

Transportation Plan

The purpose of the Transportation Plan is to identify infrastructure needs for both motorized and non-motorized transportation to support the land use goals selected for the city, and to compile this information in one document in a comprehensive manner.  The goal is to provide a safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible transportation system for future growth and development

With continued strategic investment in the transportation network, Woodinville can maintain a good transportation system even with a large amount of population and employment growth. The Transportation Plan (PDF) addresses the expected growth, policies, and potential projects that will be needed into the future.

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a federal obligation document which describes the planned schedule in the next six years for distributing federal, state and local funds for state and local transportation projects. The State requires a Transportation Improvement Plan (PDF) to be completed annually. It provides a shorter-term outlook on addressing our transportation infrastructure needs.

Non-Motorized Transportation

In the year 2025, how do you see yourself moving about? Walking to work? Commuting on a bus or train? Working from home?

For Woodinville, these non-motorized modes of transportation are incorporated into land use and transportation planning and implemented in capital projects. The City has invested in non-motorized facilities such as the bridge and trail extension along Northeast 145th Street and over the Sammamish River, bicycle lanes on Northeast 195th Street near Woodinville High School, and pedestrian trails and crossings throughout the City. The City's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (PDF) contains trail, sidewalk, equestrian, and bicycle design guidelines for public and private development that provides connectivity within and outside of the City.

Transportation Infrastructure Standards and Specifications (TISS)

The Transportation Citizen Advisory Panel was established in January 1997 to create new City of Woodinville Public Infrastructure Standards and Specifications (Standards) intended to guide the development of the City’s infrastructure system in support of the City’s vision for the future.

Woodinville is one of the fastest growing cities in western Washington. This fact underscores the critical nature of the challenges that face the City’s systems. Travel within and through Woodinville is heavily dependent on the automobile. A limited arterial system, limited transit service, and limited non-motorized travel facilities characterize much of the City’s current transportation system, and the challenges and opportunities for its future betterment. Woodinville’s rivers, lakes, wetlands, and streams are a significant part of our natural beauty and rich heritage. Spawning salmon, meandering rivers and streams, and clean water are important natural resources, which must be managed wisely to protect their value. Transportation Infrastructure Standards and Specifications (TISS) are intended to ensure that the City’s infrastructure and its management meet the needs of the City’s future populace and economy.