Winter Weather

Safety should always be your first priority when faced with wintry conditions. This can consist of snow, ice, or freezing rain, often accompanied by dangerously low temperatures. These hazards can cause power outages, make roads and walkways unsafe to navigate, and limit access to normal resources.  Please do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary.

Winter Weather News & Updates

Snowy Street in WoodinvilleThe City of Woodinville has created a new online portal for Winter Weather News. This page is a one-stop shop for news and updates about storm events impacting Woodinville, including snow, ice, power outages, flooding, and more.

Find helpful information such as:

  • Tips and reminders on how to stay safe and prepare for winter weather
  • Warnings about forecasted snow or ice in the Woodinville area
  • How to report a storm related issue
  • Answers to commonly asked questions about snow plowing and de-icing
  • Updates on road conditions, closures, and more

Do not call 911 for road conditions!

Snow Removal

The City of Woodinville has a full-time public works crew on staff that work around the clock during adverse weather conditions.

In the event of a snowstorm, the City will use its Snow and Ice Removal Route Map (PDF) as a guide for City snow removal efforts. There are four priority levels assigned to roads throughout the City to guide which streets to plow first. Those priorities include:

  • Priority 1: Emergency service routes, which include routes needed by police, fire, and emergency response services
  • Priority 2: Arterial roadways and routes to and from schools (when in session)
  • Priority 3: Minor arterial routes
  • Priority 4: Residential public streets

The City's resources (number of plows and staff) and the severity of the weather conditions will affect the City's ability to clear the streets.

Will My Street Get Plowed?

More than half of the Woodinville zip code (98072) is outside of City limits, either in unincorporated King County or Snohomish County. You may have a Woodinville mailing address while living outside of the Woodinville city limits. Check your residency to determine if you are within City limits.

City staff can only plow city streets. Contact your county road crew if you live outside of city limits and want to request snow plowing.

Sometime in early fall, the City of Woodinville starts checking equipment and stockpiling everything we need for snow response. This includes 5 plows, 400 gallons of de-icer, 180 tons of sand, and 70 tons of salt.

The day before snow is expected to arrive, City crews apply sand and a layer of salt brine solution de-icer to major arterials and residential streets that are known to be steep or particularly difficult to navigate. The brine helps prevent snow from sticking to the pavement and makes plowing and additional salting more effective.

The City has a system in place for prioritizing which roads to plow. With over 50 miles of roads, 30 of which are residential including over 100 cul-de-sacs, it takes time for our plows to make it out to all areas.

Plowing time depends on many factors, including the intensity and duration of the snowstorm, the amount of snow accumulated, as well as temperature and wind speed. During particularly intense storms where plows are in use around the clock, equipment repairs are often needed. In this situation, fewer available plows can also contribute to overall plowing time.