Unified Development Code Update

Woodinville is undertaking a major process to update the development regulations that affect how new development and redevelopment occurs within the city. These development regulations are collectively known as the Unified Development Code (UDC) and this project represents a comprehensive update of the entire development code document consistent with the following:A stack of zoning books 

  • Improve the codes organization and user-friendliness, so that it is more easily understood by people who are not land use professionals;
  • Complete the process of consolidating other development regulations and construction codes under Title 21 of the Woodinville Municipal Code;
  • Maintain consistency with and implement Woodinville’s comprehensive plan;
  • Modernize the Use Classification System by eliminating the reliance on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) and developing a local classification of uses that allows greater flexibility;      
  • Consolidate and simplify standards, including using more tables, figures, and diagrams, so that the regulations are easier for readers to understand and apply.
  • Clarify confusing and ambiguous language, and correct conflicting regulations;
  • Update definitions to support the development regulations and move out any development standards found in the definitions;  
  • Eliminate redundancy as practical;
  • Look for opportunities to streamline permit processes to achieve better efficiencies by reducing time, cost, and effort without losing the protections for neighboring property owners and the preservation of community character; 
  • Fix problems in the lUnified Development Code Update Graphicand division regulations and update these to better reflect state law.

Project History

The first step in the update occurred in 2016 when most of the development regulations were consolidated under Title 21 of the Woodinville Municipal Code.

The next step involved updating and adding provisions for the shoreline master program, permitting and legislative procedures, subdivisions, and building and fire codes.  

Since the summer of 2020, the City has been working on modernizing the use classification system that identifies where different types of commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, and residential land use are allowed.  This work includes eliminating the use of the North American Industrial Classification System (used by Federal statistical agencies to track the business economy) and developing a local use classification system with broader meanings and greater flexibility to simplify determinations of whether a use is allowed on a particular property in Woodinville.  

Because of the integrated nature of the use classifications with other provisions of the zoning code, this phase of work has included comprehensive supporting changes focused on improving the organization of the code, eliminating zoning overlays, incorporating industrial and residential design standards into the code language, and updating development standards by reducing redundancy, fixing conflicting regulations, adding details to existing standards, and streamlining and consolidating regulations to make the code overall more coherent and easier to read and follow.  

The Planning Commission has held 13 public meetings to date in allowing input into developing a draft of proposed code changes.  A public hearing on the proposed changes is anticipated in late Spring 2022.

Planning Commission Public HearingUDC Map

The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing to receive and consider public testimony on a proposed Planning Commission Recommendation regarding UDC Update Project Code Amendments (PDF) at their Wednesday, June 22, 2022 meeting.  The public is invited to attend and provide comments on the proposal at this meeting.  Here is the Public Hearing Notice (PDF).  The Planning Commission will also conduct a public hearing to receive and consider public testimony on a proposed Planning Commission Recommendation to repeal the current Zoning Map and adopt a new updated Zoning Map (PDF).

Public Input

Written comments may be sent by email to the Planning Department or by mail to:
Robert Grumbach
Woodinville Development Services Department
17301 133rd Avenue NE
Woodinville, WA 90872

Public meeting testimony can be provided to the City Clerk by email. Please put Unified Development Code Update in the subject line. These comments will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council and will be included in their discussions.

For more information on proposed changes to the Unified Development Code, please contact Robert Grumbach, AICP, Development Services Director, at 425-877-2271 or email Robert Grumbach. If you are interested in being added to the email list for this project, please send an email to the Planning Department.

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