Civic Campus Project

Current Outlook

Civic Campus Project MapThe Civic Campus Project, also known as The Schoolhouse District, is currently progressing on schedule. Sitework and construction began in May 2019 and will continue through Summer 2021.

View site time lapse cameras: Camera 1 / Camera 2.

Project Description

The Civic Campus Schoolhouse Restoration Project has been in the cards for Woodinville for nearly 15 years. The outcome will include a beautiful combination of public and private amenities that will preserve the character of Woodinville. The goals of the project include creating gathering places for the community, retaining and restoring the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse, renovating and expanding the city's recreation center in partnership with the YMCA, partnering with private developers to make the project financially feasible and limiting risk so that the city invests in a sound financial manner.

Exciting features of the project include:

  • Schoolhouse - Restored schoolhouse and new retail opportunities on the first and second floors
  • Recreation - Renovation of 8,000 square feet of the existing YMCA as well as the addition of 8,500 square feet of childcare space, accommodating up to 120 children
  • Retail - 20,000 square feet of proposed retail, restaurant and commercial space
  • Residential - 260-275 multifamily residential units
  • Open Space - 30,000 square feet of public open space and festival street for City events and public use

More information about the project and construction impacts can be found at The Schoolhouse District website.

Project Duration

Spring 2018 to Winter 2021

Project Impacts

Working hours are:
Monday through Friday
7 am to 7 pm