Development in the City of Woodinville is constantly evolving. Both public and private projects require City oversight in order to ensure code compliance, feasibility, and a thoughtful approach to the long-term impacts on the City.

Public Development & Capital Improvement Plan

Every two years, the City updates its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which outlines planned capital projects over the next 6 years. Examples of projects include street overlays, parks projects and flood reduction efforts in Woodinville. There are dedicated funds that the city collects (through utility revenues) to pay for capital projects. The CIP discusses and forecasts those revenues for the following 6 year period and aligns expenditures with the expected revenues.

Public projects include those identified in the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) or those coordinated by another public agency. Public projects occur within public rights-of-way or on property owned by a government agency such as the City, County, State, or a utility company.

Private Development

Private development ebbs and flows with the health of the economy. Woodinville is burgeoning with private development as a desirable community on the eastside of King County with close proximity to Seattle. It one of the premier tourist destinations in the northwest and boasts excellent schools and quality of life making it attractive for private investment.

Private development occurs on private property in commercial or residential zones. While private development is driven by external factors, the City has a hand in inspecting private development to ensure compliance with codes and standards.