Hearing Examiner

The Hearing Examiner is an independent office of the City that conducts hearings required by ordinance. Hearings are conducted about land use applications and appeals from decisions of City departments. 

Applications heard by the Hearing Examiner include preliminary plats, final plats, variances, and appeals. Currently, the City of Woodinville contracts with Laminar Law for hearing examiner services. More information on the Hearing Examiner can be found in the Woodinville Municipal Code Chapter 2.27 and the Rules of Procedure for Proceedings Before the Hearing Examiner (PDF).


Public hearings are conducted by the Hearing Examiner to determine facts and hear arguments as to how existing laws, ordinances, and the Woodinville Municipal Code apply to the land use application or other matters being considered. Participants use the hearing to provide relevant information and express points of view. Submissions may be presented orally or in writing.

When a hearing is scheduled a public notice is posted to the City’s website and calendar, at City Hall, the Woodinville Post Office, and in the city’s official newspaper.


Depending on the type of application or appeal being considered, the Hearing Examiner's report will either be a recommendation to the Woodinville City Council, or a final decision that may be appealed to Superior Court.