Apply for a Permit Online

Development Services accepts most permit applications online through our online Permit Portal.  Through the Permit Portal, you can submit applications and revisions, pay fees, schedule inspections, and track your project.

To use the online Permit Portal, you will need to first sign up for by creating a username and password.  Once you have completed the sign up and established an account, you can start applying for permits online. 

The following section includes guidance for submitting an online permit application using our Permit Portal.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Form Completion Instructions
  • To start select “New” and from the dropdown box select one of the following:
    • Building Permit 
    • Engineering Permit 
    • Fire Permit
    • Planning Application (Trees & Special Events Permits)
    • Temporary Sign
  • Accept the General Disclaimer
  • Click on the gray arrow and select type of permit from the dropdown box