Commercial & Residential Construction Permits

For Commercial and Residential Construction, a Combined Building Permit (PDF) is required. See below for information about the permit application process and how to apply online.  

  1. Step 1: Gather Documents
  2. Step 2: Submit Plans
  3. Step 3: Plan Review
  4. Step 4: Submitting Revisions
  5. Step 5: Issue Permits
  6. Step 6: Inspections
  7. Step 7: Field Changes
  8. Step 8: Certificate

Gather all of your documents per the submittal requirements for your project.

Construction & Demolition Material Recycling

Please note that many materials from construction and demolition projects are required to be recycled. This includes clean wood, cardboard, metal, gypsum scrap, asphalt paving, bricks, and concrete.

Learn more from King County Solid Waste Division: King County Construction and Demolition Materials Management.