Site Development Permit

You need a site development permit for most land disturbing activities including cuts, fills, earthwork construction and site improvements that add impervious surfaces.  Below are some basic information on when a site development permit is required, and links to application forms and how to apply online.  

When you need a site development permit 

You need a site development permit for any land disturbing activity that result in a change in the existing soil cover, both vegetative and nonvegetative, and/or the existing soil topography.  Land disturbing activity does not include tilling conducted as part of agricultural practices, landscape maintenance, or gardening.  You do not need a site development permit for the following land disturbing activities:  

  • Excavation, fill or grading activity outside of a critical area or critical area buffer and satisfying the following:
    • Less than 25 cubic yards of earth movement in the R-1 through R-8 zones, or less than 50 cubic yards of earth movement in all other zones; and
    • Less than 2,000 square feet of new and/or replaced impervious surface area; and
    • Less than 7,000 square feet of total area having land disturbance during any 12-consecutive-month period;
  • Excavation for foundations, basements and footings authorized by a building permit, except materials retained on site from such excavation shall count towards the quantities prescribed above;
  • Importing and placing topsoil up to a depth of six inches on properties with detached single-family residences;
  • Pavement maintenance without expanding the area of coverage, provided, the work does not:
    • Remove and replace a paved surface to base course or lower, or involve repairing the pavement base;
    • Resurface by upgrading from dirt to a harder surface material including gravel;
  • Exploratory excavations performed under the direction of a registered engineering professional.

Site Development Permit Application and Important Forms 

To apply for a Site Development Permit, you'll need a completed site development permit application, plans, drainage report, site erosion control requirements plan, tree protection plan, and in some cases a construction mitigation plan.  The following are links to important application materials: 

Apply for a Site Development Permit 

A complete site development permit application is required and includes required plans, supporting documents, and fees. Along with items in the checklist, please include Erosion Control Requirements and Tree Protection Plans with your application. You can submit your permit application request though our online permit portal.