Water & Sewer Permits

Applications for new construction require certificates of available water and sewer services from Woodinville Water District prior to submitting a development permit to the City. 

Woodinville Water District provides water services within the City of Woodinville.  Additionally, a portion of the City also receives sewer services from Woodinville Water District. Woodinville Water District is a separate local government entity formed under the rules of Title 57 of the Revised Code of Washington.  

Visit the Woodinville Water District’s website to request a certificate of water and sewer availability and find additional water and sewer permit information for builders and developers.

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Septic System Approvals

If a property is located in an area where sanitary sewers are not available, the property owner may be required to install an on-site septic system.  Applications for on-site septic systems are reviewed and approved by Seattle and King County Public Health Department.  Approval from the health department is required for issuance of many building permits.  For information on applying for a septic system, please visit Seattle and King County Public Health's On-Site Sewage System Application webpage.