Sign Permits

A sign permit is required when any new sign is proposed. Signs are regulated by Chapter 21.35 of the Woodinville Municipal Code.  

A sign is any device, structure, fixture, or placard that is visible from a public right-of-way or surrounding properties and uses graphics, symbols, logos, or written copy for the purpose of advertising or identifying any establishment, product, goods, service or event.

Please see below for information and guidance related to various sign types.

  1. Prohibited Signs
  2. Permanent Signs
  3. Temporary Signs

The following sign types are not permitted in the City of Woodinville: 

  • Portable signs; except as provided for in WMC 21.35.130, Signs or displays of limited duration;
  • Signs on utility poles, except signs of the utility or government;
  • Signs which, by reason of their size, location, movement, content, coloring or manner of illumination, may be confused with traffic control signs or signals;
  • Signs located in the public right-of-way, except where permitted in this chapter;
  • Posters, pennants, strings of lights, blinking lights, balloons, searchlights and other displays of a carnival nature; 
  • Billboards, poster boards and other advertising for products or business not located on the site of the business or place of sale; 
  • Signs that are located so as to interfere with visibility for the safe movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles;
  • Animated signs;
  • Highly reflective frame materials such as mirrored glass or chrome metal;
  • Signs for businesses that are no longer operating and open for business;
  • Off-premises signs, except where permitted by the code;
  • Signs located on or above a roof; and
  • Human held signs. 

Sign Permit Application & Important Forms 

To apply for a sign permit, you'll need a completed application and related plans, including façade area calculations for building signs and landscaping plans for free standing signs. 

  • You can submit your permit application request through the City's online Permit Portal or by submitting a PDF application below.
  • A complete sign permit application is required and includes required plans, supporting documents, and fees.