Special Events

Celebrate Woodinville Concert DancingThank you for considering Woodinville for the site of your special event! Our goal is for you to have a successful event that will contribute to the culture of our city.

The City's rules for events in public spaces are designed to consider resource protection and availability (e.g., grass/grounds, noise considerations, access to restrooms and trash receptacles, surface area/space, etc.).

All of the City's parks are available for public use. For events over 30 people, a Special Event Permit is required. See below for helpful tips to get started with your Special Event Permit application.

  1. Apply for a Permit
  2. Permit Approval Process

A Special Events Permit is required for events hosted within the City of Woodinville that include:

  • Private party events on private property that are over the stated occupancy of the building; or impact public facilities such as City parks or roads, or require public services such as police, to support the event. 
  • Gatherings of more than 30 people in a City park; 
  • The sale or trading of merchandise or services on City park land; or
  • Events on the Woodinville Sports Fields that involve the erection of large tents, or require additional sanitation facilities, or additional off-site parking to handle the event. 

Submit a Special Event Application using our online Permit Portal, or by completing a paper form. In the application, you'll find links to important information, specified requirements, and steps to complete throughout the process.

If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss your event. The City hosts dozens of events each year and we can help you navigate through this process. Our Permit Technicians can be reached by emailing permitcenter@ci.woodinville.wa.us or by calling 425-489-2754.