Streets & Traffic

The City of Woodinville maintains more than 50 miles of streets and close to 8,000,000 square feet of pavement surface. This includes:

  • 2.1 miles of State Highway (SR202)
  • 3.7 miles of Principal Arterials
  • 6.8 miles of Minor Arterials
  • 5.0 miles of Collector Arterials
  • 33.8 miles of Local Access Streets

Pavement Management Program

The Pavement Management Program is a critical tool used to protect the City’s investment in its road system. Through this program, City engineers rate the condition of street segments, project the remaining life of each street segment, and recommend strategies and costs to maintain and/or improve the pavement condition of City’s street system. In this way, the City is able to assess the overall “health” of the City’s roadway system and keep track of estimated costs for ongoing maintenance and preservation of pavement.

Traffic Operations

The Public Works Department is responsible for the daily traffic operations including:

  • Collecting and maintaining traffic data
  • Operation of traffic signals
  • Providing traffic design and traffic engineering services

As a city, our goal is to safely and efficiently connect people to their destinations.  In line with the city’s multi-modal transportation strategy, the City's engineers evaluate, assess, plan and pursue funding to improve our roads, sidewalks and bicycle facilities.

To learn more about some of the different facilities and programs that influence Woodinville's road network, visit our webpages about Roundabouts & Traffic Circles Sidewalks, Crosswalks & Trails and the Traffic Calming.