Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is a concept that seeks harmony between automobiles and people. Woodinville's traffic calming program manages traffic growth on local access roads while seeking to minimize its impacts to existing and future residential neighborhoods.  The program addresses a wide range of traffic issues, including speeding, collisions, and non-local traffic.

The City often receives requests from citizens to install speed bumps or similar roadway features designed to reduce the speed of vehicles in their neighborhood. To make a traffic calming request, please use our online service request and reporting tool, Woodinville Works.

Speed Awareness Monitoring (SAM) Unit

Studies have shown the benefits of using radar speed signs and trailers to slow and maintain posted traffic speeds.  The portability of this unit allows for rapid deployment into problem areas, or areas needing special attention due to accidents, construction, special events or school zones. 

Traffic Camera Footage

Traffic cameras are located at many intersections in Woodinville. These cameras are video detection units associated with adjacent traffic signals, not recording cameras. Because our traffic cameras do not record live video, the City is unable to provide video footage upon request.