Sidewalks, Crosswalks & Trails

Woodinville has 35 miles of sidewalks and trails and more than 650 pedestrian crosswalks. The City relies on residents and property owners to help maintain safe and accessible walking paths for the community.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Per City Ordinance (WMC 12.06.020), it is the responsibility of the property owner abutting a public sidewalk to maintain the sidewalk at all times in a safe condition, free of any and all obstructions or defects, including but not limited to ice and snow. Blowing or moving leaves and debris onto the sidewalk or into the street is prohibited. Upon request, the City may notify a property owner that they need to clear the sidewalk of overgrown vegetation within a specified period of time.

To make a service request related to sidewalk maintenance, please use our online reporting tool Woodinville Works.

Sidewalk Hazards

In the interest of public safety, the City is actively seeking to identify and address sidewalk hazards in high pedestrian traffic areas.  Where many hazards exist, sidewalks will be replaced over time. Where hazards are caused by tree roots, the trees are evaluated for removal and replacement or root cutting. 

Crossing FlagsPedestrian Crosswalk Flags

Pedestrian flags are a low-cost solution to enhance pedestrian visibility. Through our the Pedestrian Flag Program, the City identifies key intersections popular with pedestrians and places orange or yellow flags at crosswalks to help pedestrians gain the attention of drivers.

As part of this program, Department of Public Works staff attach flag holders to an existing sign or utility pole near the ends of the crosswalk. If no pole is available, one is installed. Once installation is complete, the primary ongoing cost is the replacement of the flags. Volunteers monitor, replace, and redistribute flags.

How to use crosswalk flags

  1. Signal to drivers on your left.
  2. When traffic on your left has stopped, proceed with caution. Look both ways.
  3. As you approach center of road, signal to drivers on right.
  4. When traffic on right has stopped, complete your crossing.
  5. Return flag to holder.