Stormwater Management Plan

The Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan provides a 10-year overview and recommendations for managing stormwater within the City. The Plan sets priorities for stormwater capital improvement projects and makes recommendations based on the health of our natural waterways, maintenance requirements, and hydrologic and hydraulic models of our stormwater system. The Plan also evaluates the City’s compliance with the regulatory requirements of the NPDES Stormwater Permit.

Stormwater Management Action Plan

The Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan Update includes Stormwater Management Action Planning (SMAP) for a priority receiving water, which is required by the City’s NPDES Stormwater Permit. SMAP is a process to assess receiving waters and compare and prioritize areas within a watershed for restoration and protection value. This process helps identify receiving waters that are more likely to be influenced by the City’s stormwater system management and helps to answer important questions such as how to accommodate growth and development while also protecting and improving conditions in receiving waters. This process includes the development of a Stormwater Management Action Plan. The plan will document stormwater facility retrofits needed to address existing stormwater problems or accommodate redevelopment, land management strategies to protect water quality, targeted stormwater management activities to protect water quality in the priority receiving water, and how to address SMAP priorities through budget and grant sources. The City is expected to develop this plan in a way that it can be implemented over the course of future permit cycles.