Wildlife Issues

Managing wildlife related issues falls into the jurisdiction of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. This includes animals such as deer, raccoons, coyotes, cougars, and bears.  The State Department of Fish and Wildlife may be contacted at (425) 775-1311.

Wildlife Tips

Allowing wildlife easy access to food leads to problems for both the wildlife and residents. Following some simple guidelines to cut off food sources will help reduce or avoid confrontations:

  1. Don't feed wildlife either intentionally or unintentionally
  2. Keep pet food indoors and away from pet doors
  3. Keep garbage cans secure and barbecue areas clean
  4. Keep dogs on a leash
  5. Keep pets indoors, especially at night
  6. Don’t feed feral cats (on which coyotes prey)
  7. In order to limit the local concentration of rodents (on which coyotes also prey), protect compost piles and don’t feed the birds
  8. Report aggressive, fearless wildlife immediately.