Strategic Planning

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2022-2026 City of Woodinville Strategic Plan

The City's Strategic Plan is a five-year guide to action for city services, operations, and investments. The work outlined in the plan builds upon demographic analysis, market research, community outreach, and working sessions with Council and staff. 

The Strategic Plan acts as a guide for annual progress reports, biennial budget updates, and City Council decision-making when unanticipated opportunities arise. It is a flexible tool intended to clarify the vision of the Council and serve as a roadmap to achieving those goals.

Our Mission

The City of Woodinville provides and partners for high quality municipal services that support all community members and advance our collective desired future.

Our Desired Future

The Woodinville community’s hopes for the future are summarized in the four themes described below. Together, these themes outline our desired future for Woodinville.

Woodinville is a healthy and connected community.

  • Woodinville has a vibrant social life with lively gathering spaces. 
  • People can walk and bike to local destinations. 
  • Regional transportation connections provide access to a wide range of employment opportunities. 
  • There is a strong network of support and community connections for local businesses. 
  • A variety of neighborhoods accommodate diverse lifestyle preferences. 

 Woodinville has a vibrant and diverse economy.

  • Woodinville embraces its retail and tourism industries. 
  • There is a range of small office, service sector businesses. 
  • Local businesses can find affordable commercial space in the city. 
  • The city can attract jobs that match resident occupations. 
  • Land use designations support the needs of industry and commerce. 

Woodinville has a healthy natural environment 

  • Woodinville is a city with a verdant tree canopy. 
  • Parks and natural areas are accessible, multigenerational, and sustainably managed. 
  • The water quality in streams and creeks is preserved and protected. 

The Woodinville community has access to quality services.

  • Local government is transparent, communicative, and in conversation with the public. 
  • Timelines for City processes are predictable. 
  • The City’s website is user-friendly and answers the right questions. 
  • Public/private partnerships complement municipal services. 

Governing Guidelines

The City of Woodinville is committed to:

  • Delivering inclusive and responsive services.
  • Investing City resources in an equitable and transparent manner.
  • The responsible, ethical, and long-term stewardship of natural and financial resources.


  1. Executive Department

    Physical Address
    17301 133rd Avenue NE
    Woodinville, WA 98072


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