Portable & Temporary Signs

A sign permit is required for all portable signs. This permit can be issued over the counter or applied for online. Applicants with approved sign permits must come in person to the Development Services Department at Woodinville City Hall to pick up an “Approved” sticker to place on all portable signs. If your sign does not have the sticker, it may be subject to removal or other enforcement action.

For additional guidelines related to portable sign size, number, placement, and duration of display, please see below. Complete regulations are listed in Chapter 21.35 of the Woodinville Municipal Code.   

  1. Size
  2. Number
  3. Location
  4. Display Duration
  5. Other Guidelines

All portable signs are limited to a maximum of six square feet. Portable signs may not be any taller than three feet, including any topers or handles. Signs may have no more than two sides.

Portable sign size requirements