132nd Ave NE/130th Pl NE/130th Ave NE Paving Preservation Project

132nd Ave NE Pavement Overlay  Map

Current Outlook

Construction began in July 2022 and is ongoing. Construction is scheduled to end in late September 2022.

Traffic Impacts

This project will require occasional travel lane closures during construction hours of 7AM - 5PM. Minor delays should be expected.

Project Description

In partnership with the City of Bothell, the City of Woodinville aims to enhance driver safety and accessibility by replacing the pavement and retrofitting curb ramps along approximately 1.2 miles of 132nd Ave NE/ 130th Pl NE/ 130th Ave NE (from NE 180th St to 244th St NE). The project area is shown on the map to the right.

This project will improve the pavement quality of an arterial collector road that sees upwards of 6,000 average daily trips and serves not only residential neighborhoods but two schools. The pavement condition of this road is currently poorly degraded, making it important to take action now before the pavement degrades further. The City's partnership with the City of Bothell allows for an entire section of this street to be overlayed creating a cohesive project benefiting both communities. By combining similar projects on the Woodinville side and Bothell side, both cities are able to realize a substantial cost savings.