Wedge Neighborhood Overlay

Final Residential Wedge Overlay.jpg

Current Outlook

Construction began in July 2022 and is ongoing. Construction is scheduled to end in late September 2022.

Traffic Impacts

This project will require occasional travel lane closures during construction hours of 7AM - 5PM. Minor delays should be expected.

Project Description

The Wedge Neighborhood Overlay project was identified as part of the City's Pavement Management Program to address and repair areas with poor pavement quality. Particularly important to repair is 136th Ave NE in the south section of the Wedge neighborhood, which sees over 3,000 average daily trips and is one of the primary streets providing access to and from Woodinville High School and Rotary Community Park.

Work will occur along several streets throughout the Wedge Neighborhood, including a grind and overlay of all of 136th Ave NE, NE 190th Pl, NE 188th Pl, NE 186th St, and NE 184th Pl. Additional crack sealing will occur along NE 202nd Ct, NE 201st Ct, NE 200th St, NE 2000th Pl, NE 195th St (between 130th Pl NE and 136th Ave NE), and 134th Pl NE.