Business Pollution Prevention & Source Control

The City of Woodinville is required under the state municipal stormwater permit to implement a business inspection program to prevent sources of stormwater pollution at institutional, commercial and industrial sites carrying out activities that may cause stormwater pollution. 

What is Source Control?

Source Control is an approach to prevent pollution at its source, before pollution runs off with rain water or enters into a storm drain. Depending on where your site is located within Woodinville, runoff will either infiltrate into the ground towards sources of groundwater, flow into the City's stormwater drainage system, flow into a private stormwater drainage system, or flow directly into a nearby stream, wetland, lake, or the Sammamish River. The purpose of the business inspection program is to work with businesses and property owners to identify and address potential pollution sources before stormwater and local water quality is impacted. City staff have resources and information on which Best Management Practices (BMPs) are suitable for sites to prevent pollution.

 What are Source Control Best Management Practices (BMPs)?

Many of our water pollution problems are due in large part to pollutants washed off of land by rain and storms. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are the actions we are all required to take to reduce the contamination of stormwater, surface water like streams and rivers, and groundwater. These actions may look different depending on the type of activities carried out on a site. BMPs encompass a variety of managerial, operational, and structural measures that will reduce the amount of contaminants in stormwater and improve the quality of our local water resources.

Visit the King County Pollution Prevention Manual webpage for a full list of BMPs.

Some BMPs should be implemented at every site:

Stormwater BMPs