Draft Housing Action Plan (HAP) 

The City of Woodinville has been hard at work creating a Housing Action Plan (HAP) to help define Woodinville's housing future. The draft Housing Action Plan is here and ready for your review! The City is asking for feedback on the draft HAP to help guide the final decision-making process and ensure that the plan reflects the housing needs and concerns of our community. 

Here you will find the draft HAP, information about how to get involved, including opportunities for commenting and surveys, and a resource library with previous presentations and supporting documents.

Don't have time to read the whole draft HAP? No problem! You can find five broad strategies that the City is considering as part of the HAP in the "Action Strategies" tab to stay informed. 

Housing Action Plan title photo
  1. Draft Housing Action Plan

View the draft HAP by selecting the link below

  1. Action Strategies
  1. Documents + Presentations

Get Involved!

The City wants to hear from the community to ensure that the Housing Action Plan reflects the needs and concerns of our current and future residents and fosters Woodinville's community values.

Share your input in the way that is convenient for you:

The City will be accepting feedback on the draft Housing Action Plan until Monday, March 13, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.