Woodinville 2044 Comprehensive Plan Update 

Comp Plan Header 2023 - 2044

Project Overview 

Woodinville is currently undertaking a required periodic update of its Comprehensive Plan, which must be completed by the end of 2024. Every 8 years, the City reviews and updates its Comprehensive Plan to ensure consistency with state law and other regional planning documents, as required by the Growth Management Act (GMA). The Comprehensive Plan guides the City’s growth and development over the next 20 years, and these periodic updates help refine the vision for Woodinville’s future.

Join the Conversation!

The public’s participation plays a critical role in the Comprehensive Plan update process. The City of Woodinville is committed to providing an open and inclusive forum for public engagement, with a diversity of opportunities for community members to be informed and involved throughout the update process. The Public Participation Plan for this update can be found in the Resources section.

The public engagement timeline is illustrated in the graphic below. This timeline will be updated to include additional information as needed throughout the process, and specific event dates will be added as they are determined. All outreach materials will be posted on this website at the conclusion of each milestone.CompPlan_Engagement Timeline 

Thank you for coming!

We had a wonderful time connecting with the community at our open house event! Stay tuned for more opportunities to chat with City staff and learn more about Woodinville 2044. NEWSFLASH (1)

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Woodinville’s Comprehensive Plan (often referred to as the “Comp Plan”) serves as a blueprint for how the City will manage the population and growth that’s expected between now and 2044.

Why is the Plan important to me?

The Comp Plan is a policy document that guides City decisions on how to accommodate the growth and development of our community. The Plan reflects how the people who live, work, and enjoy their time in Woodinville envision the future through a long-term lens. 

What's in the Comp Plan?

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires cities to include elements for land use, transportation, housing, capital facilities, and utilities in their plans. The City of Woodinville Comp Plan also includes elements for economic development; parks, recreation, and open space (PROS); and the environment. Each element contains an introduction, and sections for conditions and trends, goals and policies, and actions or implementation.

  1. Robert Grumbach

    Development Services Director

  2. Amanda Almgren

    Planning Manager

  3. Alana Winston

    Community Engagement Coordinator