• Wood Mountain
  • Tremmel Crow Residential
  • Terrene Homes
  • Woodinville Hotel Partners

Development Type

Mixed use 

Lot Size

20 acres

Number of Units

  • 71 townhome units
  • 294 multifamily units
  • 165 hotel rooms

There are two more parcels that are currently undeveloped but will develop in the future. The details of that future development is unknown at this time. 

Retail Space 

400,000 square feet

Public Benefits

  • New sidewalks
  • New public park with access to the Sammamish River Trail
  • New roads
  • 100 extra public parking spaces
  • New public street parking
  • Public art (pending approval)
  • Flashing beacons to help pedestrians cross the roundabouts
  • Parking areas for bike and scooter rentals
  • Large pedestrian plazas in commercial areas
  • More housing options. 


Harvest - Woodinville

  1. Dillon Roth

    Senior Planner