The Gardens District (Molbak's)


Jason Henderson, Cascade Asset Management Company 

Development Type

Mixed use with ground floor retail and apartments 

Lot Size

19.17 acres

Number of Units

 1,210 multifamily dwelling units

Square footage

400,000 sq. ft.

Public Benefits

  • Complete construction of 138th Avenue NE between NE 173rd Street and NE 175th Street; and contribute to the cost of the south half of 138th Avenue NE and the 138th/ 171st roundabout being constructed by Woodin Creek Village;
  • Construct 139th Avenue NE; and
  • Frontage improvements along NE 175th Street, NE 173rd Street, and NE 171st Street
  • Constructing additional private roads
  • 10% of units will be affordable – an estimated 128 units. 
  • LEED gold or higher on all buildings
  • Estimated $3.8 million in park impact fees to support construction of parks and trails, including the Eastrail and Wood Trails Projects.

  1. Kevin O'Neill

    Assistant to the City Manager