Wood Trails

Wood Trails

Wood Trails Project Information

The City owns 53 acres of undeveloped land in located just east of the West Wellington neighborhood. This property, known as Wood Trails, is a series of soft surface trails between the Warehouse District and the West Wellington neighborhood. The trails are accessible from 144th Ave NE, near NE 200th Street from the west, and 148th Ave NE from the east side.

The initial phase of the project included installation of signage, wayfinding, and minor safety improvements for existing trails. Additionally, the work included signage designating the existing loop as the “Dave Henry Trail.” This work was completed in April of this year. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June 13, 2023, to celebrate the project milestone.

The Wood Trails project will be phased project but the final trail system is expected to look similar to what is seen in the below map. Phase 2 will include construction of a new trail system (shown in yellow and red)  Design/permitting for this phase of the project is underway with construction anticipated in Spring/Summer of 2024.

The City is partially utilizing Park Impact Fees collected from developments projects occurring in the City including Eastrail Flats and the Gardens District.

Wood Trails Unofficial Map

How to Get Involved?

The City is currently conducting surveying of the property to identify the final trail layout and design elements to start construction in Spring/Summer of 2024.  This work is expected to be nearing completion Fall of 2023, at which time the City will schedule public engagement opportunities focused on the final trail design.  Stay tuned here or on the City's social media pages (Facebook or Instagram) for more information!

Photos from Ribbon Cutting

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