2023 Sidewalk Replacement and Tree Removal Project

Project Overview:

Multiple locations of sidewalk throughout the downtown Woodinville corridor have been identified by Public Works as trip hazards caused by tree root uplift. This upcoming sidewalk project will remove and replace these sidewalk panels in the downtown area, as well as prune the tree roots determined to have caused trip hazards, and in some cases, remove and replace trees that have been deemed unfeasible for retention. This work will occur along NE 175th Street, 140th Avenue NE, and 133rd Avenue NE. These areas have high levels of pedestrian traffic volume and are along some of the busiest streets in the City, and upon completion of the project will become safer for regular pedestrian access. The areas of sidewalk trip hazards and affected street trees are shown on the attached project maps located below.

Working with a consultant arborist, Public Works staff reviewed the downtown locations to determine if the identified trees impacting adjacent require removal, or if there were methods to retain the tree (e.g., tree root pruning) while reducing the likelihood of future sidewalk damage. At certain locations, the consultant arborist will be onsite with City staff during sidewalk panel removal to determine the feasibility of pruning the existing tree roots, if retention of the tree is appropriate, or if removal and replacement of the tree is required.

There may be temporary traffic and right-of-way impacts in the downtown corridor from construction work related to this initiative. Prior to construction, the City will provide signage indicating parking restrictions a minimum of 24 hours prior to the beginning of work. During construction hours of Monday through Friday (7AM – 7PM), there may also be impacts to parking on the street and noise related to construction activities.


This project is currently scheduled to begin in late Fall 2023. The project is anticipated to last eight weeks.

Project Cost:

This project is included in the 2023/2024 maintenance budget. The total project cost is approximately $350,000.

2023 Sidewalk Panel Replacement
  1. Keith Elefson

    Public Works Assistant Director