Why hasn’t the City plowed my residential street yet? When can I expect the plow to come?

During and immediately after major snow events, we can sometimes get hundreds of these calls a day. Our crews are out plowing 24/7, and it can take time to get to some of the smaller residential streets. If the snow is continuing to fall, we’re likely working to ensure that major thoroughfares stay clear.

Please understand that we have finite resources to respond to snow events—including plow equipment, maintenance personnel, and storage capacity for deicer and salt to treat surfaces. This is especially true when responding to unusually intense snow events for our region. With over 100 lane miles of roadway to maintain, it is difficult to plow all of the streets with the City’s limited staff and equipment. Most of the First Priority routes contain four lanes plus turning lanes; these routes can keep equipment busy 24 hours a day, even after the snow stops falling. The City’s goal is to maintain a safe travel route for you and your family. The City makes every effort to get to the lower priority streets when weather and conditions allow. 

If you live along a low-priority street and are concerned about the time it takes for plows to arrive, we recommend making a plan with your neighbors to coordinate shoveling and snow removal. If you are physically able to shovel snow, consider helping those who live nearby who may not be.

We recommend all Woodinville residents have an emergency kit on hand which includes first aid supplies, food, water, and other supplies to be self-sufficient for 7-10 days. For help putting together an emergency kit, refer to the Emergency Kit Checklist from Makeitthrough.org (PDF).

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3. Why hasn’t the City plowed my residential street yet? When can I expect the plow to come?
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