Why doesn't the City plow the center of the road?

We don’t stack snow in the center lane because … Plowing and piling snow into the center of a street creates a safety hazard. The freeze-thaw cycle creates a bigger challenge when the melting snow freezes on the road surface during the evening. Traffic flow is restricted by eliminating a portion of a driving lane, and it creates sight obstructions for low ground clearance vehicles.

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1. How does the city prepare for snow and ice events? What happens when the snow starts falling?
2. How does the City prioritize which streets to plow?
3. Why hasn’t the City plowed my residential street yet? When can I expect the plow to come?
4. The plow just came by my street, but it left a huge pile of snow right in front of my driveway! What should I do?
5. Why doesn't the City plow the center of the road?
6. I’m glad the city plows our streets, but what about sidewalks? I want to be able to walk around my neighborhood safely.
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