How long does it take to get a permit?

Current turnaround times for construction permits are as follows.

Type of ProjectTime to Review
Building - Non-Residential Addition, Alteration4 to 8 weeks
Building - Non-Residential Repair, Replacement1 week
Building - Single-Family Addition, Alteration2 to 5 weeks
Building - Single-Family New4 to 7 weeks
Demolition Permits0 to 4 weeks
Fire Suppression1 week
Fire Sprinkler1 week
Fire Alarm1 week
Mechanical - Non-Residential Addition, Alteration1 week
Mechanical - Multi-Family Residential Addition, Alteration1 week
Mechanical - Single-Family Residential Addition, Alteration1 week
Plumbing - Non-Residential Addition, Alteration1 week
Plumbing - Single-Family Residential Addition, Alteration1 week
Right-of-Way3 to 4 weeks
Site Development10 to 19 weeks
Permanent Sign2 to 4 weeks
Tree Removal1 week

Land use permits generally take 120 days to process, between when a completeness letter is sent and when a decision is issued.

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