How much does a permit cost?

For a complete list of permit fees, please view the Development Services Fee Schedule (PDF).


  • Permit fees are based on the scope of work. Building permit fees are derived from a sliding scale based on project valuation. Plan review fees are charged in addition to the building permit fee. The plan review fee is usually 65% of the building permit fee.
  • If you are building a new building, traffic and park impact fees may apply.
  • In addition to the City permit costs, the state has a fee for building, demolition, and sign permits, which is currently an additional $4.50 per permit.


  • Mechanical, plumbing and fire permit fees are based on the number of fixtures, systems, or devices being installed or modified.
  • Grading permit fees are based on the total amount of grading being done on the project.
  • Right-of-Way permit fees are based on the type of work proposed and the lineal feet of work within the right-of-way.
  • Land Use fees are based on the type of land use project proposed.

To get a permit cost estimate for any project, call the Permit Center at 425-489-2754.

Determining the Valuation of Your Project

Valuation should reflect the cost of the project including all work covered by the permit. The valuation should also include labor, even if you are doing the work yourself. Valuations are frequently compared to available cost estimators and will be adjusted if the valuation provided appears to be in error.

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